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Important Instructions

  • Please use only a microfiber cloth to clean the screens of your Mellotron.

  • Always make sure that there is no debris or oily fluid on the cloth before cleaning.

  • Do NOT use any brush, like a paint brush or vacuum cleaner brush, to clean the screens.

  • Do NOT use any rough cloth or paper towel to clean the screens.

  • Also NEVER use any solvent to clean the screens.

  • Use a light detergent, or preferably an anti-static cleaning fluid for computer screes to clean off smudges, etc.

  • Do NOT use any sharp objects or your fingernails to clean off dirt from the screens.

  • Use a soft plastic scraper when needed.

All sounds in the Mellotron M4000D, M4000D Mini, M4000D Rack and Mellotron Micro are copyrighted, watermarked and identified

If you would like a manual for your digital Mellotron, please register your device by filling out this form.

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