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January 01, 2020

November 29, 2017

Keyboard MagMellotron M4000D Mini

Customer Testimonials 

Regarding the Mini:

Help!  I can’t stop playing it.  These sounds are unbelievably good.  Every one is usable - unlike many of the various virtual instruments attempts.  Don’t know what the magic is but thank you for making such an excellent product.


At any rate, all the best.

Ben West

Regarding the Micro:

This thing sounds amazing! I've been using the M-tron Pro software for years but this really blows it away!

I'm so happy with it, thank you :)



Dan Flynn

Regarding the M4000D:

Also I used to own a Mellotron when I was in the prog group Pallas and cannot tell you enough how authentic the M4000D feels and sounds!!! Not to mention 100 sounds instead of 3. The key pressure reminds me of when I would dig in with my fingers so that I could get the choir bark against the tape heads, etc.


Mike Stobbie

Regarding the M4000D Rack, Micro and Sound Cards:

Yes. With “Om” I use both the 4000D rack and a Micro. I store all of my cables for touring in the back of my rack case so I do still intend to travel with that. I know you had mentioned that you were about to release a new expansion card when I saw you in Stockholm.


Tyler Trotter

Regarding the Digital Mellotrons:

Thanks so much Markus- this new Mellotron is truly an all new instrument. i'm just thrilled with it and wish you big congratulations on conceptualizing and REALIZING such a brilliant new voice. 

Jamie Saft

Regarding the Micro:

It’s an incredible instrument. After playing around  for 2 hours I can say one of the most beautiful instruments iI purchased in the last years for my studio and hopefully for stage… you made my x-mas…


Mario Marchisella

Regarding the Micro:

Man, this is a fantastic product. I know one can buy a Nord (as I have) to do these sounds, or a laptop and  controller...but this Mellotron Micro makes me HAPPY. It makes me want to play all the time. It makes me want to explore. Those others don’t. I could hardly be happier about this purchase.


Mark R Cuthberson

Regarding the Mini:

I love this instrument…I mean its beyond what I was expecting, not only does it sound great , but the action feels great…Im so very happy to finally have one, don’t know what I waited so long!! Thank you!!


Vincent Jones (worked with Nate Ruess)

Regarding the Digital Mellotron:

I’ve long been used to buying soft synths which come loaded with hundreds or thousands of sounds to go through, and it can be overwhelming - life is too short to spend all your time scrolling through program after program on a computer screen. But when the sounds are intimately connected to dedicated hardware like this machine, it’s a whole different experience.


Andy Burton (Keys for Little Steven)

Regarding the Mini:

After spending the weekend with it, it's more than worth it. THANK YOU to you and Mellotron for bringing the iconic classic back to life and affordable and available for folks like myself. I cannot describe the elation that I have. I'm not sure the last time I've been so enamored with a piece of gear!! I completely LOVE it!!

Andrew Adkins (songwriter, Electrahead)

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