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  • How do I get a manual for my unit?
    Register your product and we will send you a manual specific for your Mellotron. If you have already emailed for your manual, you DO NOT need to fill out the registration form.
  • Do sound cards work with the micro?
    No, sound cards only work with units from the M4000D series (M4000D Mini, M4000D Rack and M4000D Regular).
  • Do the samples loop?
    Most do not because the Mellotron playback system did not loop, and our digital versions emulate this playback. We do have samples of optical playback systems on our expansion cards. Those loop, just like the original instruments from the 70s.
  • Can I connect a MIDI controller to my digital Mellotron?
    Yes, all digital Mellotrons come with 5 Pin DIN MIDI I/O. You can access the full keyboard range. Note: The Mellotron library consists mostly of sets of 37 sampled notes (F to F).
  • What functionality does aftertouch bring to the sounds? Mono and Polyphonic aftertouch?
    By adding pressure to the keys after they’ve been pressed down the digital Mellotron provides an analog volume increase to a maximum of 6dB of gain. They also send the aftertouch message via MIDI to control vibrato, volume, and other parameters. With mono aftertouch in the Micro and M4000DMini keyboards, all of the keys being held down will change in volume depending on the maximum pressure being applied on any given note. With polyphonic aftertouch in the M4000D and M4000DRack instruments, each key has its own pressure sensor to control the volume of the sounds independently from each other for even more expression.
  • Does the sustain input allow the sounds to continue after 8 seconds?
    The sustain function allows the sounds to ring out for 9 seconds, 1 second longer than the original tape framed recordings. The Mellotron is a playback engine, not a synthesizer and our digital Mellotrons emulate the analog tape length playback therefore do not loop. On our expansion cards, we do have samples of optical playback systems. Those loop, just like the original instruments from the 70s.
  • Can I somehow get more octaves?
    The Mellotron library consists mostly of sets of 37 sampled notes (F to F). The instruments in the M4000D series (M4000D, Mini and Rack) have a High/Low switch. This can be used to drop the samples one or two octaves by running the playback at half or quarterspeed. The Mellotron Micro has a two octave keyboard. To access all three octaves of the library, the Micro has an octave switch on the front panel that can be used to shift the range of the keyboard. The Micro also can drop the playback one or two octaves (half or quarterspeed), but this is done in the menu.
  • Why does my Mellotron suddenly get louder while playing?
    If you are experiencing surprising volume increases, try turning aftertouch OFF in the config menu under keyboard settings. Choose AT strip installed “NO”. If you need a manual, please fill out this form with your contact info and Mellotron’s model and serial number.
  • Real Mellotrons have tapes. Why do you call these Mellotrons if they don't have tapes?
    'Mellotron' is a trademark that we own. Vintage Mellotrons and our MkVI and MkVII Mellotrons that we still manufacture have tapes. But technology does evolve and we are proud to provide a high-quality lossless digital playback of the original Mellotron master tapes in a modern keyboard instrument.
  • Why are your instruments so expensive?
    Our instruments have been designed at the highest quality level and are very expensive to make. We hand build and assemble them in Sweden at western wages and health benefits.
  • What's your cheapest unit?
    The Micro. The Micro comes with 100 original Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds, MIDI in/out/thru, 1/4" sustain, headphone and master line out.
  • Where can I find my local distributors?
    On our dealers page.
  • I lost my power supply. What PSU replacement can I use?
    We sell Mellotron PSU and cables on our webstore here. If you need to use a non-original power supply, use a PSU with an Output Voltage: 9-18V, at 1 Amp can be used in a pinch.
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