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Sound Card 07

Sound Cards for the Digital Mellotron. Check out our "Listening Room" where you can hear what each expansion card can do.


In cart, please "add note" and specify your digital Mellotron's MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER. The SERIAL NUMBER is centered on the back panel. 


Sound Card 07 contains 128 Mellotron sounds. It contains looped and timing-corrected versions of the MkI, MkII and M300 rhythm loops and fills. After 60 years, these rhythms finally will work as intended if you want to host that long-awaited cocktail party. The card also contains looped versions of all loopable Mellotron lead sounds from card 02 and the M300 library. 


We also have some sounds previously unavailable for the Digital Mellotron: the different string and woodwind sections that were originally available for the M400 tape frames. And some other previously unpublished and unusual Mellotron sounds like and Electric organ from the M400 library and some custom recorded sounds from some 70s bands. As a special treat we have two string sounds especially made by Joakim Svalberg from Opeth. Here is the sound list for Sound Card 07.

Sound Card 07

  • Sound Card 07 contains 128 sounds and is inserted into the expansion slot of the M4000D series units. Then you have 228 sounds for immediate access and that can be mixed independently in the playlists you create.

  • US retail prices.


    Currently shipping to US, EU plus UK, Norway, Switzerland, AustraliaNew Zealand and Canada. For other parts of the world, please contact us.

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